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HR Business Summit

Friday, April 28, 2023 | 9 AM - 5 PM


Welcome to the Worlds Influencers HR Business Summit of 2023, where we have gathered some of the greatest speakers in the industry all over the USA and even from the UK to share their insights on the hottest topics in HR today. 

Our speakers are experts in their fields, and they will be sharing their knowledge and experience to help you take your HR practices to the next level. Get ready to learn, network, and be inspired as we explore the latest trends and best practices in the world of HR

Speakers, please contact

  • Diversity & Inclusion,
  • Empowering your team,
  • Leading in a Virtual Environment,
  • Retention,
  • Leadership, and more.

HR Business Summit is a yearly event that will bring together all HR Directors and Business Owners in New England to share expertise. We all need to sort the issues that remote work brought us. How to create a corporate culture in such time and keep everyone involved? 

How to keep stuff motivated?

This question exists for a long time event before remote work became a trend. 

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Servola Franzier
Topic: Leading in a Virtual Environment

Servola Frazier has developed a model that draws on her 21+ years of experience with the nonprofit sector, government sector, and corporate sector to connect with participants around the world. Servola has supported the strategic planning needs of the Army Contracting Command Orlando, FLOCK, MERCKPharmaceuticals, Holiday Inn Corporate and LEAD Brevard Florida to name a few.


She has a MA, Executive Leadership; John Maxwell Team Executive Director; John Maxwell certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker; People Keys Certified Behavioral Consultant; Programs Committee Chair National Black MBA Association of Central Florida; previous Army DA Civilian Leadership Development IPT Team Member, Employee Advisory Council Member (EAC) Vice President, 21+ years Training and Development experience in coaching, mentorship, training, curriculum development and facilitation, and speaking.


Joshua Hinkson
Topic: Transformational Leadership



Joshua Hinkson MA CSSGB is a serial entrepreneur that has been featured in Forbes, Inman, Dow Jones Market Watch, Business Insider, and dozens of other publications. Joshua is most known for being the co-Founder of Padx Real Estate, the first gig-economy based real estate brokerage that automated the offer-writing process; making it possible for buyers to write offers without a traditional real estate agent.


Joshua’s expertise are in strategy and operational management which he attributes to his 8 years served in the United States Navy, with HSC-84; a CJSOTF with two detachments in Iraq. Additionally, Joshua holds an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, Pre-law (3.84 GPA), a Masters of Intelligence Management, Strategic Leadership (3.56 GPA), and CPI/LEAN/SixSigma Greenbelt. Joshua is an advocate of continuous education as he is pursuing a Doctoral of Strategic Intelligence.

Tajan B. Renderos – The danger of your company’s rock-star bias
Topic: The danger of your company’s rock-star bias



Tajan is an ICF-certified Leadership Development Coach, and I’ve worked as a corporate trainer and coached clients from companies such as Twitter, Netflix, Intel, Rocket Software, Cooley LLP, and others for over ten years to help their leaders integrate a coaching approach to management so they can handle the most difficult aspects of people management with ease. The danger of your company’s rock-star bias is highly interactive keynote presentation, the audience will learn the key steps of a systemic approach to interrupting ‘rock-star’ bias in corporate America including how to a) leverage diverse leadership strengths of direct reports b) integrate a coaching approach to people management c) be a bias interrupter and actively contribute to creating cultures of profound inclusiveness at work and more.

Karen Doll

Topic: Strategies for enhancing work mental health




Karen Doll is a Consulting Psychologist with 25 years of experience. As the founder and author of Building Psychological Fitness, I work at the intersection of personal well-being and professional development. I specialize in talent assessment and development, individual and group coaching, as well as customizing and executing workplace mental health strategies and programs. I am passionate about improving workplace mental health. I’m reaching out because I believe I can offer value to your audience as a guest speaker at an upcoming meeting or conference. I have included some topic ideas, my bio, and important links for your review. I’d be delighted to discuss strategies for enhancing workplace mental health, including: How to address chronic stress and burnout. Developing a return-to-work strategy that promotes mental health and wellness.


Educating and training managers on identifying and addressing mental health issues*Workplace mental health strategies in alignment with Surgeon General’s framework.*How to create conditions for psychological safety, connection, belonging, and sharing*Psychoeducation on healthy mindset, strategies, and habits: menu of interventions and practices to increase well-being and resilience. Empower your workforce: with knowledge, resources, tools they need to perform at their best. Learn to thrive, focus, and get results.

Colby Sharma

Topic: Increased Productivity in a changing world & Leading High-performance team


Colby Sharma the author of The Curveball, which is a book that I released during the pandemic. The book contains valuable lessons that can help you thrive and grow amid adversity, wherever you find it. The book is available on Amazon. I am also a speaker focused on helping organizations unlock greater resiliency in their teams, to produce great work and master deep change.


Prior to this, I graduated from law school at the University of Liverpool.

Dr Jeffrey A. Barnes

Topic: Key Leadership Lessons from the Happiest Company on Earth


Jeff is a Walt Disney historian and the author of two bestselling books, “The Wisdom of Walt: Leadership Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth” and  “Beyond the Wisdom of Walt: Life Lessons from the Most Magical Place on Earth”, each capturing the details of this entertainment legend’s life and the lessons his successes and failures can teach us all.

As a motivational speaker and workshop presenter, Jeff channels his love for Disney into engaging live and virtual experiences for audiences, helping them learn life’s greatest lessons and discover the foundation of the magical destinations that are loved around the world. 
Jeff’s philosophy when presenting is that Walt Disney created a kingdom where happily ever after is always the way the story ends. But there’s more to learn from the man who gave us The Happiest Place on Earth. 

Dmitry Peregudov

Topic: Gifting for Employee Loyalty


Founded Giftsenda – the SaaS business gifting platform to help companies accelerate sales pipeline, improve lead generation and build customer loyalty through gifting locally and Worldwide. Founded – International Gift Delivery service, VIP Corporate Gift Concierge. Co-founded of to connect local farmers with residents of greater Boston area and deliver farm fresh food to recipients’ door.

Past startup experience:

– Co-founded Onsite Videos with the mission to Humanize the Web

1st startup and eCommerce & eMarketing experience:

– In 2002 founded and managed since GOOD CHOICE LLC ( – International flower & gift delivery network with over 700 locations serviced

– Developed innovative eMarketing campaigns and utilized web-promotion techniques which made a company within top 3 on the internet flower market of Eastern Europe and CIS.


Business Owners, Enterpreneurs Networking

Friday, January 6, 2023 | 5:00 PM



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